Customer Service – Inside Sales Team – Andy Nguo

Andy Nguo

Born in Monterey Park,  Andy now resides in Covina, CA. Andy joined the LA Lighting team in 2016. A college graduate from Cal Poly Pomona, Andy broke into the lighting world with more than just a wink and a smile. Andy has grown into one of the most intricate members of the Inside Sales/Customer Service team. He has embraced the lighting world, learning the smallest details and delivering an award-winning customer service role that is second to none. With his BA degree in theatre, Andy has become the voice of LA Lighting (literally).

Andy has a passion for video games and on his off-times, you can find him playing online:

“I’m an avid gamer. In recent weeks, I’ve been playing Final Fantasy 14, Payday 2, and DOTA 2 (But I really do need to go back and finish Fallout 4, and maybe begin Mad Max).

Aside from this, I’m involved with a couple of Dungeons and Dragons groups. It’s a recent hobby my friends and I had heard about over the years and we decided to try it.

I’m a player for one now defunct group, as well as the writer/Dungeon Master for (2) other groups. I spend some of my lunch hours researching, developing, and writing out ideas for some old college theatre friends of mine who live up in San Francisco (we play through a voice chat program called Discord).”

With his experience in setting and designing theatre lighting for plays, Andy finds himself in the forefront of the cutting edge of LED commercial and industrial lighting and controls. He has proven his value within the organization of LA Lighting.

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