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Los Angeles Lighting Mfg. Co.


For over 35 years, L.A. Lighting has built a reputation for taking on lighting challenges that other manufacturers won’t touch. Whether it’s a tricky specification-grade luminaire, a unique retrofit application, or anything in between, we’ll work with you to devise a custom lighting solution that will exceed your client’s expectations.

Our custom capabilities include

  • Building luminaires to specific physical requirements, including
    non-standard lengths or depths.
  • Adding or removing holes or knockouts as required for a specific application.
  • Modifying a luminaire’s housing to accommodate size constraints in the ceiling.
  • The use of customer-required proprietary components, such as power connectors or mounting systems.
  • Balancing internal components to facilitate weight distribution for
    mounting purposes.
  • The design and application of custom elements like uplight slots, gasketing, louvers, and more.
  • The use of specified materials, optics, sensors, or other components.

And when you’re satisfied with your custom luminaire, L.A. Lighting can offer you added protection by assigning it a unique L.A. Lighting Custom Design part number (LCD) and a private cut sheet. This prevents easy crosses by competitors and allows you to hold on to a specification for years to come.


So if you’ve got a unique lighting application that’s calling for a custom solution, contact us today. Because we’re always ready for a challenge.

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