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Los Angeles Lighting Mfg. Co.


L.A. Lighting is a proud participant in the Lutron OEM Advantage Program. This partnership allows us to offer Lutron’s most powerful new controls products, including Athena Wireless Nodes, Vive systems, and advanced Lutron drivers. Lutron products can be easily integrated in virtually all L.A. Lighting luminaires and retrofit kits. View our full list of Athena and Vive components here, and our complete driver list here.

athena wireless nodes

The Athena Wireless Node is a small, wireless fixture controller that can be easily integrated into luminaires via a standard knockout. Packed with technology, the Athena Wireless Node is available with built-in daylight/occupancy sensing or RF communication only. 

vive wireless systems

Lutron’s popular Vive wireless systems are easy to specify, install, and update, providing powerful, scalable controls for both new and existing buldings. 

Lutron driver/retrofit options

Whether you’re looking for new fixtures or retrofitting an existing fluorescent system, Lutron high-performance drivers are the key. With advanced features like fade-to-black dimming and 2-channel control for color tunable white, Lutron drivers give you unmatched power to control your lighting.

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